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电影天堂为您收集整理的资源高空求生,是Roman,Doronin导演的一部剧情片,由威廉·鲍德温 Loris Curci Christopher Greco 珍妮·卡斯帕 Kseniya Pinch Zach Rose Marianna Rosset Diljohn Singh Crystal Web 主演。

Two sisters living separate lives on different continents are reunited on a Mediterranean Island. The two barely have time to bond and revive family ties as Kate, the elder, meets a group of locals and agrees to an exciting ride on a hot air balloon. But disaster strikes and as the result of a freak accident, the balloon is carried far out to sea. Their cell phones out of range, and the balloon running out of gas, Kate and her friends are battling for their lives. While, back on land, the younger sister, Liz, has become an unwanted "material witness" to a crime. Matters then take a dramatic twist, one that will mark their lives forever.

《高空求生》百度云资源,手机在线观看等资源均是网络收集而来。《高空求生》HD1080p/BD1080P/国语中字/百度云蓝光高清版/在线观看。 你可以点深海浩劫就可以打开播放了。